Tuesday, June 12, 2012

6 Awesome Real Estate Websites

In a land dominated by technology, where can one reach out to find exactly what they're looking for?  There are literally thousands of websites dedicated to real estate searches, design, and information.  The problem is hunters are most likely getting bogged down in different choices of websites rather than getting the pertinent information they need to make an informed decision.  Over abundance of real estate websites can often cause "analysis paralysis" which doesn't get anyone anywhere.  Rather than pulling your hair out sifting through the mess, I'll show you some hot websites perfect for anyone in the with real estate on their mind.

Realtor.com (www.Realtor.com)
Not all real estate agents are created alike!  Realtors are real estate agents that abide by a binding code of ethics that guide our practice in every transaction.  Realtors are professionals who are typically better trained, higher quality and more knowledgeable than your standard agent.  Realtor.com is your one stop shop to find quality Realtors. Beyond that, begin your search, seeing any listing in any part of the country.  Realtor.com pulls listings directly from local MLS systems so you can be assured it is the most updated, accurate site to search.  Realtor.com also has great organized information to help you get finance quotes, insurance quotes, moving advice and remodel/redesign ideas.  Download their mobile app to be compatible with your smartphone or tablet device.

Trulia (www.Trulia.com)
If you need information, Trulia has it.  Begin your search with homes for sale or rentals.  Need to find some comparable properties?  Search past sold homes to get an idea of the market.  Need advice?  Trulia has it!  Search through advice from Realtors, get neighborhood and market information with ease.  Trulia is also packed full of suggestions for realtors and mortgage lenders.  Download their mobile app to be compatible with your smartphone or tablet device.  ***See comments in Zillow.com for shortcomings of Trulia.

Houzz (www.Houzz.com)
Houzz is a relative newcomer to the scene and not too many people know about it.  Think of it like Pinterest just for homes.  Within, you can search and find ideas for any design feature in or out of your home.  Browse by style, room, or even see what's hot in your locale.  When touring that run down, beat up bungalow, pull up the Houzz app on your tablet and imagine the possibilities!  Learn about new products, styles, and techniques.  Connect with remodel professionals such as contractors, architects, interior designers, and suppliers.

Zillow (www.Zillow.com)
Zillow has one of the most comprehensive real estate search functions going.  Set up filters for your search parameters, and see homes for rent, sale, or search recent sold homes graphically.  Like Trulia you can also search for real estate and mortgage professionals, get local advice and neighborhood information.  When I need a quick search, it's much easier for me to pull up Zillow and see everything graphically.  Where Trulia might be more text heavy, Zillow comes through with charts, graphs, maps and more.  ***CAUTION***  Both Zillow and Trulia provide "estimates" of home value.  Please keep in mind these are not as accurate, nor are they set in stone values of homes.  These programs use algorithms to try and value homes, but only a real estate professional can correctly compare your home to others, mainly because we have real eyes and real brains.  Also, some homes listed as for sale might not be for sale anymore.  Zillow does not show homes under contract and is less accurate, and therefore, is often frustrating.

ColoProperty.com  (www.ColoProperty.com)
Do you want up to date property data in real time?  Do you want to use the same tools the pros use?  Well this is the site for you.  ColoProperty.com is the public side of the Realtor's private MLS system.  When a Realtor lists a home, within 2 minutes, it's available to your on ColoProperty.  It is by far the best when sifting out properties with contracts on them as well.  No other site gives you more accurate data in a very user friendly workspace.  The site is heavily weighted on the search function, but give a look to some of the options under the resources tab...

Reimer Real Estate (www.ReimerRE.com)
Okay, okay...I can't list my favorite sites without a little shameless promotion.  ReimerRE.com combines the search capability of ColoProperty.com with the advice and idea function of all the other sites.  Follow the blog for weekly updates from the real estate world, or see what you can gain from working with me as your real estate professional.  Check mortgage rates, dive into current regional news, or learn about short sales and foreclosures.  It's all in this well managed, constantly updated site.

Jared Reimer is a real estate broker with Prudential Rocky Mountain Realtors in Northern Colorado.  Real estate is his passion and he always wants to connect with like-minded and savvy real estate fans.  For more information or to get in touch with Jared, please visit his website at www.ReimerRE.com or email him at JaredReimer@ReimerRE.com

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