Seller Services

Selling your home is an emotional experience.  When I sell your home, we work as a team from the very beginning so that together we can take you to your next great place.  Below are just some of the services I provide to my sellers: 

1. Needs Analysis
qI help clarify the motivating reasons to sell and establish a sales strategy
qWe work together to establish your sales timeframe within the sales strategy

2. Pricing Strategy
qI compile a Comparative Market Analysis to help you understand market value
qWe agree on an opening list price based off the CMA and your timeframe
qI prepare a net-sheet to estimate your net proceeds at closing

3. Property Presentation
qI advise on repairs or improvements
qI provide staging strategies, showing tips and presentation expectations

4.  Marekting Strategy
qI develop a marketing plan unique to your property
qWe establish a marketing time table

5.  Receiving an Offer
qI provide buyers with all the all necessary information to make a decision
qI provide Realtors with all the proper paperwork to make contract creation easy
qI evaluate each offer and effectively communicate the terms and conditions

6. Negotiating to Sell
qI negotiate all counter offers on your behalf
qI advise you on all the final terms and conditions

7.  Sell
qI prepare the post-contract work list
qI advise you on all required repairs and coordinate vendor services if necessary

8. Pre-Close Preparation
qI coordinate and supervise all documentation for due diligence
qI provide pre-closing consulting

9. Closing
qWe preview closing documents
qI coordinate and resolve any last minute issues
qI accompany you to the closing table for guidance and support

10. Post Closing
qI help you coordinate your move
qYou are entered into my “Client for Life”program


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