Buyer Services

Buying a home isn’t always easy  but with the right systems in place ,you can rest assured that you’ll be covered throughout the entire home buying process.  Below is a summarized list of my services that you can count on to get you to and through closing.  This is just the tip of the iceberg! 

1.  Needs Analysis
qWe establish your wants and needs in your new home
qWe work to set goals and establish timeframe and expectations
qI help you get a clear picture of your ideal home

2.  Pre-Qualification or Pre-Approval
qI recommend Loan Officers, Lenders and Mortgage Brokers
qI assist you in obtaining a pre-qualification or pre-approval
qWe choose the best financing option

3.  Neighborhood Information
qWe create a broad neighborhood search profile
qWe establish target neighborhoods to conduct the search

4.  Home Search
qI establish a home search based on your needs analysis
qI coordinate showings of the homes that you approve of

5.  Make an Offer
qWe compare homes and you make a decision to make an offer
qI complete a market analysis to assist you in valuing the home
qI prepare the purchase contract and advise you on terms and conditions

6.  Negotiating to Buy
qI present the offer to the listing agent and seller
qI negotiate on your behalf

7.  Vendor Coordination
qI recommend and advise all vendors and trades
qI coordinate and supervise vendor services

8.  Pre-Close Preparation
qI coordinate and supervise document preparation
qI provide pre-closing consulting

9.  Closing
qWe preview closing documents
qI coordinate and resolve any last minute issues
qI accompany you to the closing table for guidance and support

10.  Post Closing
qI help you coordinate your move
qYou are entered into my “Client for Life” program

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